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Remote Learning


If your teacher hasn't added you to their Google Classroom, email the teacher and ask to be added to your class period. After that, you can access the Meet from the header on your Google Classroom for that class period. 

Families Connected  Families can access a one-stop-shop for online learning, access to technology and the internet, resources provided by departments, as well as key online learning tools 

The link to your class' Google Meet should be on the Google Classroom header for each class.

If your child has recently enrolled at Eisenhower, each teacher on your student's schedule will be contacting you with information on how to log on to their Google Meet. 

EMS Block Schedule for Remote Learning 20-21  <-- this link will take you to the EMS class schedule.

Expectations of students for Remote learning

chart of expectations for remote learning

UDL Tech tools

UDL = Universal Design for Learning

These tools are available to all students who are signed in to their APS Google account. Up at the top, next to the URL address space, are little icons representing Snap&Read and Co:Writer.

  • Snap&Read looks like a compass/cardinal rose and
  • Co:Writer looks like a little thinking cloud.

They both probably have red dots on them unless you are already signed in to them. Hover over them and the name of the app should appear before you click on it.

Snap&Read gives students the opportunity to have the text read aloud to them, allows them to mark up the text and take notes, and students have access to a dictionary to help them with definitions of unknown words.

Co:Writer is a word prediction program that helps students write more complete and accurate documents. You can even use Co:Writer to help you write better email messages!