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Info Tech Students Create Online Games for you to play and give feedback
Posted 5/3/22

Good afternoon everyone,


My Info Tech students coded games and are excited to share them with more students to play. 


I have created a document with links to the games, game previews and game descriptions explaining how to play each game. There are 26 games to choose from and you can play as many as you wish! 


As part of the activity, I am including a Google Form Game Review that your students can complete for each game they play (or however many games you want them to!). It is anonymous and will give them a chance to tell the students who created a game how they did!


If a student wants to restart a game, just have them refresh their screen and it'll take them back to the start screen. They can also view the code if they are curious by clicking on the "view code" button on the top right of the game screen. 






Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!




Best regards,

Jackie Matsko

Information Technology Teacher

Eisenhower Middle School