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Map to Eisenhower Middle School

Eisenhower Middle School is located at: 11001 Camero Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

Welcome to Eisenhower Middle School

It is a pleasure to have you as a member of our school community. As an Eisenhower General, your first challenge is to continue our tradition of excellence.

Eisenhower Middle School is located in the far northeast heights of Albuquerque at the corner of Juan Tabo Boulevard and Camero Road. The facilities consist of one main building, fifteen portables, a music building and, two gymnasiums.

When Eisenhower Middle School first opened its doors on September 4, 1974, there was a staff of 29 teachers and a total of 588 students. We have since grown to a population of approximately 900 students and 60 teachers.

At Eisenhower Middle School, we believe:

  1. Education is a shared endeavor involving students, staff, parents, neighborhoods, and business partners.
  2. Setting and maintaining high expectations for success are the responsibilities of all members of our learning community.
  3. Every student will be provided a rigorous and challenging curriculum where diverse learning styles are supported.
  4. Every member of our educational community is entitled to a positive and respectful learning environment that addresses the unique characteristics of the middle school student (intellectual, moral, physical, emotional/psychological, and social).
  5. Every student is entitled to an advocate.

The organization of Eisenhower supports the middle school philosophy of including interdisciplinary teaming at all grade levels. In sixth grade, all core subjects are taught by a team of teachers, with exploratory electives offered during a separate period. They also have a semester of PE and a semester of Information Technology. Seventh-grade students have four core classes, a semester of health, a semester of PE, and one elective class. Our eighth-grade students have four core classes and two electives. Our faculty are encouraged to collaborate with each other in order to best meet the academic, social, and physical needs of our students during their transition from elementary to high school.

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