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Mrs. Raybould

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Welcome to the Library!

Our Library

Our library has over 17,000 titles in print and e-book format.  We also have several electronic databases to help with research.  These databases can be accessed at any time from school and at home.  If you find you need a password when using these resources from home, please stop by the library and ask for the login information.  


The library is open from 8:00 a.m. until 3:15 p.m and during all lunches.  

Students may visit the library during classes with a pass from their teacher.  


Students may check out three books for two weeks.  Books may be renewed for an additional two weeks.  

You may put a hold on a book or we might be able to borrow a copy from another library.

School IDs or ID numbers are needed to check out materials.

Return your books as soon as you are finished reading them. 

There are no overdue fines, but students will have to pay the replacement cost for any material that is lost or damaged beyond repair.  

Computers and printers are to be used for school work only.  

The library is a place of learning.  Expected behaviors are keeping your voice at the whispering level, walking calmly, and not gathering in the corners or in between the shelving.