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Contact Karen Allin  Karen Allin ex: 33562 7th Accelerated Math/ 7th Gifted Math
Contact Randilyn Baca  Randilyn Baca (505) 292-2530 ex: 33597 6th gr Math
Contact Blythe Tipton  Blythe Tipton ex: 33545 Math 8 / Algebra
Contact Eunyoung Han  Eunyoung Han ex: 33594 Gifted / Accelerated Math 6th
Contact Kelley Macdonald  Kelley Macdonald ex: 33599 Math 6th
Contact Lance Penny  Lance Penny 7th gr & 8th gr Math
Contact Melissa Pool  Melissa Pool Math 7th
Contact Kelly Shell  Kelly Shell ex: 33570 8th Grade Math Teacher
Language Arts / Lit
Contact Michelle Baucom  Michelle Baucom ex: 33568 Lang/Lit 8th
Contact Kathleen Campion  Kathleen Campion ex: 33548 Gifted Lang/Lit 7th & 8th
Contact Lori Denee  Lori Denee ex: 33551 Gifted Lang/Lit 7th
Contact Dawn Goodman  Dawn Goodman ex: 33558 Gifted Lang/Lit 6th
Contact Mary Kershaw  Mary Kershaw (505) 292-2530 ex: 33572 Lang/Lit 8th
Contact Eric Lawson  Eric Lawson ex: 33598 Lang/Lit 6th
Contact Monique Lucero  Monique Lucero Lang/Lit 7th
Contact Rebecca Moore  Rebecca Moore ex: 33593 Gifted Lang/Lit 8th
Contact Tanya Skinner  Tanya Skinner 7th gr Lang/Lit
Contact Danielle Wainwright  Danielle Wainwright Teacher
Social Studies
Contact Caroline Cossin  Caroline Cossin (505) 292-2530 ex: 33560 Social Studies 7th
Contact Jameson Davis  Jameson Davis (505) 292-2530 ex: 33598 Social Studies 6th
Contact Rachel Dennis  Rachel Dennis Social Studies 7th
Contact Kara Nakai  Kara Nakai ex: 33595 Social Studies 6th
Contact Sara Romero  Sara Romero ex: 33600 Social Studies 6th
Contact Laura Schwab  Laura Schwab Social Studies 8th
Contact Kateri Watters  Kateri Watters ex: 33575 Social Studies 8th
Contact Christie Wente  Christie Wente 7th and 8th Social Studies
Contact Ross Bergman  Ross Bergman ex: 33561 Science 8th
Contact Ashley Daniels  Ashley Daniels ex: 33554 Science 8th / STEM
Contact Tybi Finnegan  Tybi Finnegan ex: 33546 Science 8th
Contact Lynda Hahn  Lynda Hahn (505) 292-2530 ex: 33577 Science 7th gr/Website Mgr.
Contact Codi Harrington  Codi Harrington 6th gr Science
Contact Sandra Spiess  Sandra Spiess ex: 33574 6th gr & 7th gr Science
Contact Jessica Thomas  Jessica Thomas ex: 33571 Science 6th
Contact Eve Ahern Wild  Eve Ahern Wild ex: 33598 Drama/Video Editing
Contact Ross Bergman  Ross Bergman ex: 33561 Science 8th
Contact Heath Bevan  Heath Bevan ex: 33533 P.E 6th - ex. 33533
Contact Ian Cooper  Ian Cooper Art Teacher
Contact William Gonzales  William Gonzales Chorus/Music
Contact Gloria King  Gloria King ex: 33559 Health 7th
Contact Adam Kuhn  Adam Kuhn Technology/Yearbook
Contact Justeen Lemaster  Justeen Lemaster ex: 33534 P.E 7th/ Boys Track Coach
Contact Aaron Lovato  Aaron Lovato ex: 33542 Band
Contact Paul Mastin  Paul Mastin ex: 33556 Family & Consumer Science
Contact Samuel Nesbitt  Samuel Nesbitt ex: 33542 Band
Contact Erica Photiades  Erica Photiades ex: 33543 Teacher
Contact Erin Weddington  Erin Weddington ex: ext. 33578 Spanish
Special Education
Contact Mackenzie Agudelo  Mackenzie Agudelo Special Education
Contact Julie Carpenter  Julie Carpenter ex: 33592 Special Education
Contact Michael Devoti  Michael Devoti Special Education
Contact Cory Gudelj  Cory Gudelj ex: 33564 Special Ed
Contact Kelley Sartori  Kelley Sartori ex: 33550 Special Ed
Contact Rachel Spiekermann  Rachel Spiekermann Special Ed
Contact Ernestine Viera  Ernestine Viera ex: 33576 Special Ed
Educational Assistants
Contact Margaret Fleetwood  Margaret Fleetwood ex: 33527 Educational Assistant
Contact Stacey Garcia  Stacey Garcia ex: 33508 Health Assistant
Contact Lawrence Lacovara  Lawrence Lacovara Educational Assistant
Contact Cheryl Supple  Cheryl Supple Educational Assistant
Contact Jaimie Vandergriff  Jaimie Vandergriff Educational Assistant
Contact Holly Hargrove  Holly Hargrove ex: 33506 Assistant Principal
Contact Christopher Sanchez  Christopher Sanchez ex: 33521 Dean of Students
Contact Victor Sanchez  Victor Sanchez ex: 33505 Principal
Administrative Assistants
Contact Ericka Avila  Ericka Avila ex: 33513 Registrar/Counseling
Contact Ashley Nix  Ashley Nix ex: 33502 Reception/Attendance
Contact Jennifer Waterman  Jennifer Waterman (505) 292-2530 ex: 33501 Principal's Secretary and Bookkeeper
Contact Bruce Bell  Bruce Bell (505) 292-2530 ex: 33510 (19-20) Counselor for all 8th gr & 6th gr M - Z
Contact Donna Cole  Donna Cole (505) 292-2530 ex: 33511 (19-20) Counselor for all 7th gr & 6th gr last names A - L
Contact Carrie Lopez De Perez  Carrie Lopez De Perez (505) 292-2530 ex: 33507 Nurse
Instructional Coordinator
Contact Coleen Ferrier  Coleen Ferrier (505) 292-2530 ex: 33512 Instructional Coach/Testing Coordinator
Cafeteria Manager
Contact Monica Garcia  Monica Garcia Cafeteria Manager - 253-9480
Head Special Ed Teacher
Contact Denise Romine  Denise Romine Head Special Ed ext 33518
Social Worker
Contact Heather Knox  Heather Knox ex: 33603 School Social Worker
Security Officer
Contact Cheryl Gilmore  Cheryl Gilmore Campus Security Aide
website coordinator
Contact Lynda Hahn  Lynda Hahn (505) 292-2530 ex: 33577 Science 7th gr/Website Mgr.