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11001 Camero Rd. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87111

(505) 292-2530 Phone

(505) 291-6884 Fax          

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Physical Education

Bevan, Heath
P.E 6th - ex. 33533
Warren, Lissa
P.E. 7th - ex. 33534

Educational Asistants

Fleetwood, Margaret
Educational Assistant
Shelton, Rachel
Educational Assistant
Supple, Cheryl
Educational Assistant
Tuleja, Eileen
Educational Assistant

Computer Technician

Teachers and Staff


Hargrove, Holly ex.33506 Assistant Principal
Lee, Kelly ex.33500 Principal's Secretary/Bookkeeper
Sanchez, Victor ex.33505 Principal
Waterman, Jennifer ex.33502 Attendance Secretary

Security Officer

Quinones, Victor (505) 292-2530 ex.33517 School Resource Officer


Allin, Karen ex.33562 Math 7th
Baca, Randilyn ex.33597 Math 6th
Han, Eunyoung ex.33594 Math 6th/7th
MacDonald, Kelley ex.33599 Math 6th
Pool, Melissa ex.33553 Math 7th
Sanders, Marsha ex.33570 Math 8th & Algebra

Language Arts/Lit

Baucom, Michelle ex.33568 Lang/Lit 8th
Campion, Kathleen ex.33548 Gifted Lang/Lit 8th
Denee, Lori ex.33551 Gifted Lang/Lit 7th
Ferrier, Coleen ex.33564 Lang/Lit 7th
Goodman, Dawn ex.33558 Gifted Lang/Lit 6th
Lawson, Eric ex.33598 Lang/Lit 6th
Lucero, Monique ex.33566 Lang/Lit 7th
Moore, Rebecca ex.33593 Gifted Lang/Lit 8th
Nelson-Schafer, Coleen ex.33558 Gifted Lang/Lit 7th
Winning, Robert ex.33579 Lang/Lit 8th

Social Studies

Cossin, Caroline ex.33560 Social Studies 7th
Davis, Jameson ex.33598 Social Studies 6th
Ellman, Jamie ex.33555 Social Studies 8th
Romero, Sara ex.33600 Social Studies 6th
Thompson, Kristen ex.33573 Social Studies 7th
Watters, Kateri ex.33575 Social Studies 8th


Bergman, Ross ex.33561 Science 8th / PE 6th
Coleman, Katy ex.33557 Science 6th / Info Tech 6th
Daniels, Ashley ex.33554 Science 8th / STEM
Finnegan, Tybi ex.33546 Science 8th
Hahn, Lynda ex.33527 Science 7th
Schoch, Mary ex.33577 Science 6th/7th
Spiess, Sandra ex.33574 Science 7th / Spanish
Thomas, Jessica ex.33571 Science 6th


Ahern Wild, Eve ex.33598 Drama
Bergman, Ross ex.33561 Science 8th / PE 6th
Coleman, Katy ex.33557 Science 6th / Info Tech 6th
King, Gloria ex.33559 Health 7th
Lovato, Aaron ex.33542 Band
Mastin, Paul ex.33556 Family & Consumer Science
Morris, Michelle ex.33552 Info Tech/Yearbook
Nesbitt, Samuel ex.33542 Band
Sanchez, Christopher ex.33549 Info Tech 6th
Schenck, Patricia ex.33578 Spanish
Spiess, Sandra ex.33574 Science 7th / Spanish

Special Education

Carpenter, Julie ex.33592 Special Ed
Fredericks, Linda ex.33535 Adaptive PE
Gudelj, Cory ex.33564 Special Ed
Haney, Roy ex.33572 Special Ed
Sartori, Kelley ex.33550 Special Ed
Viera, Ernestine ex.33576 Special Ed


Avila, Ericka
Registrar/Counseling ext 33513
Bell, Bruce
Counselor ext 33510
Cole, Donna
Counselor ext 33511


Ellenwood, Susan
Health Asst ext 33508
Maydew, Janine
School Nurse ext 33507

Instructional Coach/SAT Chair

Perea, Mary
Instructional Coach/SAT Chair

Cafeteria Manager

Garcia, Monica
Cafeteria Manager - 253-9480

Head Special Ed Teacher

Romine, Denise
Head Special Ed ext 33518