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Parking and Transportation

Parking / Transportation

Safety is our priority!


As a community, we are all responsible for helping our students, staff, and families arrive and depart safely. The behaviors we model teach our students safety and respect for the safe passage of others. In order to provide for the safety of our community as over 1,000 people arrive and depart campus each day, please be aware of the following:


  • Cars must pull as far forward as is possible and continue moving forward as traffic permits. This keeps traffic moving and limits the congestion which is dangerous and frustrating for everyone.
  • City ordinance prohibits parking in the crosswalk zone for safety purposes. We appreciate your courtesy if you are asked to move.
  • Students must use the sidewalk and crosswalks to get to their ride. Please do not encourage them to cross through the parking lot or pick them up in the road or in driveways. 
  • U-turns in the middle of the road are not safe.
  • Students must enter and exit vehicles which are pulled over to the curb in the appropriate areas clearly marked by signs or painted curbs.

Safety is always our #1 concern! Thank you for your help in making our parking lots safe!



Information on bus schedules and stops will be given out at the beginning of the school year.  These schedules should be kept on file at home for future reference.  Changes made during the year should be noted on your schedule.  Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned bus.  Students will follow the rules of the individual bus driver.  Any action that hinders the safety of the occupants of the bus is not permitted.  Eisenhower buses are contracted through Durham Bus Services.  They can be reached at 298-6831.


Field Trips

All students participating in field trips sponsored by Eisenhower must fill out a parental permission form prior to the date of the trip.  The forms must be signed by the parent/guardian of the participating student.  Students who do not bring back a signed permission slip will not be able to participate in the field trip under any circumstances.  Our end of the year activities are highly valued by students and are available for those who comply with school rules.  Help us remind students to accept responsibility for the actions they choose.  NOTE:  It is Eisenhower’s policy that end-of-year activity days are for students who have earned them.  They are privileges, not rights.  We also know that inappropriate behaviors may tend to escalate towards the end of the school year.  Therefore, from the first day of the beginning of the 4th quarter through the remainder of the year, should a student be assigned in-school or out-of-school suspension, he/she will not be permitted to participate in his/her end-of-year activity.  We hope this serves as an extra incentive to encourage our students to use good judgment and make good choices.



Students are allowed to bring bicycles to school, but the student is responsible for providing a lock.  Bikes cannot be ridden on the school campus and must be walked on and off campus.  EMS cannot be responsible for damage and/or theft.  SKATEBOARDS, SCOOTERS, AND ROLLERBLADES  ARE NOT PERMITTED ON CAMPUS.  No EMS student should drive a motorcycle or car to school.