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6th Grade History

Sixth Grade Social Studies looks at the ancient civilizations of the world. Students learn about the Nomadic tribes, the Mesopotamian cultures, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. They study the culture, history, geography and achievements of these societies. Students further consider the Middle Ages, Reformation and Renaissance. Throughout the year the five fundamental strands of Social Studies, Government, History, Economics, Geography and Literacy are stressed.

7th Grade History

The Seventh Grade curriculum is based on New Mexico. The state is studied from its earliest Native Inhabitants, through Spanish conquest and settlement, Mexican control, the arrival of the North Americans and takeover by the United States and finally a consideration of modern New Mexico. Other indigenous populations, such as the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas, may be studied. A special stress is laid on Geography, including the geography of Latin America. The Five Social Study Strands, Government, geography, History, Economics and Literacy, play a major role in directing the way in which New Mexico is studied.

8th Grade History

Eighth graders study American History. They look at the inhabitants before the arrival of the Europeans, the early explorers and settlers, the rise of a distinct American nation, the causes of the Revolution, the development of the new nation and the causes of the Civil war that split the country. A special stress is placed on Government and the US Constitution. All five of the Social Studies strands, History, Government, Economics, Geography and Literacy, play their part in the curriculum.